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Love Tips For Women in Relationships

Women in relationships often have a very hard time thinking what they are not doing right to please their men. Most women do not have a clue what men want in a woman and, they end up feeling very lonely and frustrated. If this sounds like you, you need to know some of the things you can do to please your man. First, you need to ask yourself what you are doing wrong and the following are love tips for women in relationships that will help you be the woman that a man cannot resist. This may sound a bit unreal but, it is very possible to have a man pant over you; even after 20 years of marriage. There is nothing more important like to make a decision and say that you are going to improve and be the best in regard to relationships. As a woman, you need to look at your current relationship and find out what the problems are. If you are not in a relationship, you need to start from this point. Boredom and strife is the chaos present in many relationships. As a woman, you feel like there is no way you can get through to your man but, where there is a will there is a way. It is wise to start with this mindset. When you are positive, there is no doubt that you are going to achieve success in the end.

Women in relationships need to be different. They need to have wisdom and more so maturity. It really does not matter what kind of problem you have in your relationship. When you are wise, you will be able to ensure all works out for your good. First, let me make it clear that men are not people who like silly arguments. If you are a drama queen, it is time to reconsider your strategy. Silence or humility does not mean that you are not dealing with your problem. It simply means that you are choosing to go a different route to resolve your conflicts. If you show respect to a man, they will return the respect to you. You must treat your man like a king even if he does not deserve it. This way, you will be in a position to win him over to your side and you will be irresistible. As a woman, you should acquire some wisdom everyday. This is to say that you should learn how to treat and handle your man. Let his attributes and personality guide you in this sense. Women in relationships need to be patient. Many times, men will act in a way that you cannot stomach. However, this is not a warrant to sentence him to misery; you need to be wise.

Other love tips for women in relationships will reveal to you that a man is not as complicated as you think. All men want is their basic needs to be fulfilled. Keep your man happy in all aspects and you will have him for a long time. Be creative and seek to try out new things. Give him a shoulder to lean and be his encourager. You will realize that being petty and cheeky is to the detriment of the relationship. Take time and reconsider your plan in regard to loving your man. Apart from emotions of love, you need wisdom to run your relationship; whether married or dating.

Women in Relationships – 10 Tips For Men

Every man will agree with another, that women are extremely complex human beings that they will never understand let alone try to. When it comes to women in relationships it can be a roller coaster ride for a man that never stops. Mostly women set much higher values to relationships than men because they instinctively know that they need the support of a man in their lives, and of course a good father to their children. Men on the other hand are hunters by nature and will quickly tire of a relationship that becomes monotonous. The first step to building powerful relationships with the women you really love means taking these tips into consideration.

1. Women love men that are sensitive and feeling by nature. When you show your sincerity you will definitely be more appreciated. This means openly declaring your love and not being afraid to do so where ever you are. She will secretly revel in the fact that you are so proud of her and such a loving partner.

2. Women in relationships are forever changing their minds on what they want. You must be a master of compromise to make a relationship with a women work. Men should have a lot of patience and be a good listener so that you know what to expect for the next step in your relationship with her.

3. Women trust their own instincts, and it is known that women’s instinct is normally pretty accurate. Accept that women are guided by common sense more than anything else, so if the tell you to follow a certain direction even if it is against what the map says, they will probably be right. No doubt you have seen in many a movie that a woman will say to leave well enough alone, where the man refuses to and everyone ends up in a jam. The Movie ‘Jeepers Creepers’ is a fabulous example of this…

4. Women in relationships are shop-aholics. They can never have enough shoes or clothing. What is worse is they cannot decide what to wear on any given time either. The longer she takes to get ready when going on a date with you is something you should really appreciate; because after all she does want to look good for you. Women love getting gifts too. They love a man that keeps on giving especially if he is imaginative with gifts.

5. Women in relationships can say things they do not mean and quickly feel sorry they let them out, because this is like speaking their thoughts aloud. Be forgiving for things that are said in frustration and anger, because if you take them to heart your relationship can be over sooner than you think! Never use them as ammunition in an argument later either

6. Women love compliments and can never get enough of them. You should however be cautious in dishing out too many though, because they can end up becoming meaningless as well. You should look for a balance here. Build up her self confidence by letting her know she looks good, has made a great decision, been a wonderful cook or is clever in what she has achieved in her career etc.

7. Women in relationships are dreamers and still little girls at heart. She desires to be the center of attention and you are the knight on a white horse rescuing her. Take note that women’s hearts melt when they see a puppy, cry at sad movies and will love being treated like a princess by you now and again.

8. Women want what they cannot always have. Sometimes you will experience this and its best to be patient. Most women can be very ambitious in this regard as well, so your gentle restraint can prevent her from being let down too hard.

9. In arguments women in relationships want to have the first and the last words. Sometimes it is just better letting her think she is right, even though you know she is wrong. When she finds out afterwards that she really was wrong she will not admit it either. Never remind her of this fact.

10. Women are better drivers and more careful ones at that than men. This may stick in your craw, but statistics prove this to be true. They are also better at remembering directions once they have traveled the route just once. You can trust a woman to drive your most prized car.

11. Women never forget what you say or what has been said especially when it comes to relationships. In an argument she can bring up ammunition you thought she had forgotten. Be careful what you say in the heat of the moment because it can come back and haunt you!

If you are in love with a women and she loves you back unconditionally then you have a relationship that is truly worth fighting for. Try and learn as much about her as you can while you are building a relationship; what she likes and does not like, and so forth. You can get a lot of this information from her friends with some subtle questioning. When you start understanding her better you have a lifelong loving partner that is worth more than all the money on the world.

Women and Relationships – Managing the Three Essentials

How Women strike a balance between marriage, relationships and family

Neha Khanna felt her world crumbling around her. At 27, she had been married for two years, but had never realized how difficult it would be to strike a balance between her marriage, family and various other relationships she had built beyond her family realm. In these two years, she was always disappointing someone-either her husband was complaining, or she was being reprimanded by her parents and siblings for not being her old self, or her friends felt that she did not care for them anymore. Today couldn’t have been worse, as her husband had given her an ultimatum-that she would have to choose between him and her other relationships. He was upset that she was always running to attend a function at a friend’s place, help her brother with his homework, be with her parents each time they had visitors…the list was endless. Hence, he returned to any empty home day after day, never being able to enjoy a quiet meal with her, or think of brining a friend home because he was never sure whether she would be there. He had tried to be supportive all along but demands on her time from others kept on increasing. Could he blame her for being uncaring towards him? Probably not, because when they were together he could not doubt her affections. Perhaps she was unable to draw the line and decide where she had to stop, put her foot down and say no to friends and family. Neha sat with her head in her hands, thinking-blessed are those who manage to preserve all relationships, have a wonderful equation with their husbands, continue in the same manner with the family, and keep friends happy too. Where was she going wrong? Why was her life turning out to be such a mess? And why did things come to such a pass that she had to face a day like today?

Marriage is a crucial step in every individual’s life, with women having to, almost always, relocate to an environment that is different from what they have grown up in, where systems and the method of accomplishing even simple tasks is different. But women have to step into married life with the ability to adjust and adapt, accommodate and give in, yield but retain their identity, and even exercise self-control to not retort at an unreasonable comment just to maintain peace at home. They have to master the technique of being gentle yet firm, remain completely in control rather getting swayed with emotion, and learn to accomplish everything with a smiling face. A woman must try and start on the right foot from day one, devote time to husband, the home, in-laws and their extended relationships. Time management skills and prioritizing tasks will help her immensely in keeping her new family happy.

Complications arise when children enter the world. Here again, no matter how demanding parenthood might be, a system of taking out time for the spouse has to be evolved, since the new role of mother does not absolve her of her duties and responsibilities as a wife. No matter how understanding the partner may be, secret expectations remain, which when fulfilled strengthen the bonds of marriage.

For the working woman, the task is even harder, since demands at the workplace make things tougher. The need then is for greater planning and effective management because time constraints are high. The working woman is forced to give up on a lot of things and activities that she likes. She needs to spend quality time with her children and husband, manage a home so that it is a welcoming nest to return to, and juggle the endless chores involved in day-to-day living. Eventually then, in many cases, women tend to neglect friends and colleagues, cousins and siblings, who complete the circle of their relationships, have a lot of fun with, but are not tied to them by the strings of responsibility and duty. Meeting up with them remains a desire left unfulfilled. However, a few small gestures like a phone call, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, of all these people, go a long way in sustaining these lifelong relationships.

Successful are those who have mastered the fine art of managing relationships. These women are able to prioritize their work, cut out frivolous chores, spend quality time with everyone they are close to, and walk the tight rope of maintaining relationships. Successful women are also able to draw a line between reasonable and unreasonable demands of family and marriage, define boundaries so that the needs of the spouse are met but with limits set. As in everything else, commitment and sincerity must be transparent. Women may also find that they have forgotten to just while away time or be idle even for a minute.

Happy marriages do not involve couples perpetually glued to each other, but those who spend fulfilling moments together. It takes years of companionship to reach a high level of understanding, sensing the needs of the spouse and being there to share not just the joys of success, but also the worries and anxieties that might be weighing on his mind. Families are tied by the closest bonds of love and these are strengthened by the woman’s contributions. This holds true for all other relationships as well. Women form the fulcrum of the family, and envelop the whole family in their love and care, always thinking beyond themselves.

Thus women need to be perfect human managers. All the women who manage relationships successfully reveal an intense understanding of human character at all ages and at all levels. In all their actions are mirrored the finest human values like sincerity, humility, gentleness and their ability to be firm with the young without being harsh or cruel, love and commitment to their well being conspicuous in all their actions. It is these virtues that help them forge the most successful relationships.

Rules For Success With Women and Relationships

We all love women. They are amazing and there’s no way we could live a minute without them. They are the ones that make us happy and to have a big smile every day. Because of that I always found it incredible how can they make so many men really suffer. Instead of enjoying and having pleasure out of something as beautiful as a date or a relationship, many men go through a lot of pain. If you are one of those men, take a look at the following three rules I made up after years of relationships and experience. Applying and believing in this principles will make you enjoy women much more.

1- Never try to understand women

As simple as that – That’s the most important thing you should know. What I mean with this is: don’t waste your time trying to figure out why she did this or that. No way! You just won’t realize why and if, which I hardly believe, you’ll spend so much precious time on something you got nothing to earn from. Still, to my great astonishment, thousands and millions of men may be, in this very moment, thinking “Why did she do this to me?” or “What did I do wrong?” That, I insist, it’s not the right path.

Save yourself of all this mess. Many times not even women themselves know why they act someway. The moment they take control your head, you are absolutely lost. Don’t let them do that to you. It’s like a lose-lose game. By not falling into women’s traps you will become more confident and more attractive to them. They will be the ones on the defensive asking themselves why didn’t you react badly, why you didn’t care. That’s the trick!

Of course, if you got serious problems, don’t just go ignoring her. But it’s not that hard to make a difference between the real and the not real drama. If you are flirting or fooling around, apply this principle and watch the results.

2- Never try to outsmart women

Accepting and assuming women may be much more intelligent than us is a great step. All men should know that when they think all the possibilities, paths or steps a discussion or situation with a woman can take, all these have been already thoroughly analyzed many more times by her.

When men are busy talking and discussing about football or business, women meet up and speak about US. They have this tremendous advantage, which is almost impossible to compete with. Get over this; there’s no point in competing with them here. You have to keep confident, have clear values and don’t fall into any of her games.

3- Your woman is not the exception

Most men, blinded by love, tend to believe that their women -and just theirs- are the sole exception to all the rules. Unfortunately for them, they can’t be more wrong.

Never believe everything a woman says. It’s a step into maturity to assume that if she has to lie to you, she will. It’s safe to believe that, despite being in love with you, one day she may act in a way that could make you feel pain. It doesn’t mean she will, but it’s certain that she could. No one is an angel and she is not the exception. This shouldn’t interfere in your relationship, but yet you must have it very clear.