Top Benefits Of Choosing Bespoke Wooden Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of every home. In fact, the kitchen is considered the heart of the house. In these modern times, the kitchen has changed to more than just space to prepare and cook food. Modern homeowners have been interested in customizing their kitchens because they have become a favorite place for family ties, entertainment and other social gatherings such as special dinners with family or friends, or maybe cooking time on weekends!

Today, many kitchen designs and ideas are everywhere on the Internet, from simple kitchen projects that you can do yourself, creatively designed kitchen accessories to large kitchen renovations. Bespoke wood kitchens, for example, are becoming more popular and in demand among property owners because of the durability, flexibility and creativity they offer.


Traditional handmade kitchens are built to last. With a touch of modern technology and techniques, special kitchens are made more functional and sturdy. Materials for counter tops, cabinets, backsplash, shelves, and more mainly consist of Birch ply – a type of plywood known as the best not only in terms of durability but also for fashion. Even the doors are made of solid wood that can be painted for all types of finishing you need.


Specially designed kitchens vary in style and design. These include solid oak kitchens, country-style kitchens, handmade recycled kitchens, handmade solid ash kitchens, reclaimed pine kitchens, curved walnut kitchens and formica, and many others. In many cases, there are many choices. Even the size and style of the factory is unlimited and you can make anything you can imagine.

One big advantage of a bespoke kitchen is unlimited possibilities. Certain parts of the room that are awkward can be functionally creative. Make sure you work with skilled designers and carpenters who can help you achieve your kitchen project not only according to your dreams, but also with your budget.

Creativity and Uniqueness

Bespoke wooden kitchens also provide an excellent touch of expertise for your home. Wood works produce an amazingly unique kitchen. You can make it from scratch and consult with your designer. Experienced designers will usually add something to the pot. Maybe there is an existing design that you want to copy, just add your own twist to make it different.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There are various kinds when it comes to the kitchen cabinet door. You can choose one that complements your style or season from doors made of stainless steel, Rigid Thermo Foil (RTF), normal steel, wood and aluminum. However, in the cabinet industry the wood material is the most ranked preference for the majority of styles for kitchen cabinets, both modern or contemporary designs.

Basically there are two types of wooden cabinet doors, the type is finished and not finished. The unfinished cabinet door consists of a medium density fiberboard (MDF). Relatively, they are much more sturdy and can match your kitchen cabinet of any color. In addition, they are easily available at home kitchen repair shops. The finished doors are often finished, available to be installed in your closet. Styles range from single arches, double arches, squares, solid panels or hidden panel doors, depending on the style and budget you want. In addition, finished wooden doors can have colors that remain natural or colored or colored with different colors.

Speaking of the colors of kitchen cabinet doors, there are several important tools to practice before choosing the right color. Always remember to choose lighter tones for your cabinet door because the resolution process will cause the color tones to be darker than the original colors. To complement your kitchen space, a small kitchen must match a lighter color because it can make your kitchen look wider. Color choices can be from pale yellow to pale brown. Examples include maple, ash, birch, oak or pine colors.

If you apply a contemporary or antique style in your kitchen then your wooden door can be painted using medium wood colors that show some pink, light brown or brown casts. Cherry and beech must be very good for creating the appropriate color tones. If you prefer darker colors then you can choose to choose dark wood colors such as mahogany, butternut, rosewood or walnut.

Style for Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The wooden kitchen cabinet door is a perfect addition to the style of room decor that anyone wants to achieve. From modern, traditional or something truly unique, the absolute versatility of wood is incomparable with other materials. The beauty of kitchen cabinet doors made of wood is the fact that the material adds a very warm and inviting feel to a room, making it very pleasant to live in. This can be achieved with natural-looking wood and even if it has to be painted because the material has a consistency that is difficult to hide.

Another benefit of using wood for kitchen cabinets is the versatility to blend in with many other ingredients for different looks. Wood is a beautiful material that is very suitable for various metals, glass, fabric and plastic. Combining two or more of these ingredients immediately offers visual interest in cabinet doors and other kitchen decorations.

Although most people have relatively innocent kitchen cabinet doors, others prefer to have them as accents or focal points in the room. This works very well with relatively plain walls and minimal decorative pieces throughout the room, otherwise it will become extraordinary and lose its appeal.

Instant decorative touches change the way the wooden kitchen cabinet door looks and feels in a room. To get a better idea of ​​some changes or additions that can be done to suit a particular style, consider the following:

Traditional or Country Style

To achieve a more traditional or rural style, choosing a wood kitchen cabinet that has warm stains and polish is ideal. It is especially warm and inviting with doors that have decorative carvings and prints inspired by traditional designs. Many people also like to include chicken cables to cut cabinet doors for pleasant textured effects.


More contemporary kitchen designs are generally quite simple and prefer to use geometric shapes, straight lines, and soft curves. Clean lines and smooth surfaces are recommended, along with a mixture of wood, metal and glass. Frosted windows are paired with metal fittings on solid wood cabinet doors. Stainless steel, polished brass and glass or metal storage items are great additions.


Rural kitchens are one that requires a little work to get the perfect look to carry throughout the room. Finishing the cabinet with finishing paint depressed and adding rustic iron fixtures for a complete display. Having additional natural elements sprinkled around the room will add to the atmosphere. Natural stone for floors, wicker baskets, wooden seating such as benches and benches along with stone or wood storage items work well.

Bistro or Café

Display of bistros or cafes is another popular choice for many people who are looking for something unique in their homes. Café curtain as a window treatment and as a creative way to hide content through clear glass windows on cabinet doors is a beautiful touch. Bistro-style rattan seating and wrought iron furniture and high-polished wood kitchen cabinets are what is truly complete in appearance. Wood can have iron accents for a unique decorative look that ties iron furniture.

No matter what style of kitchen you want, there are always choices available to mix and match wooden cabinets for a beautiful look and feel in a room. Always carefully consider decorative options, along with add-ons to help tie throughout the room to clean cohesive styles that can be appreciated by anyone.