Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There are various kinds when it comes to the kitchen cabinet door. You can choose one that complements your style or season from doors made of stainless steel, Rigid Thermo Foil (RTF), normal steel, wood and aluminum. However, in the cabinet industry the wood material is the most ranked preference for the majority of styles for kitchen cabinets, both modern or contemporary designs.

Basically there are two types of wooden cabinet doors, the type is finished and not finished. The unfinished cabinet door consists of a medium density fiberboard (MDF). Relatively, they are much more sturdy and can match your kitchen cabinet of any color. In addition, they are easily available at home kitchen repair shops. The finished doors are often finished, available to be installed in your closet. Styles range from single arches, double arches, squares, solid panels or hidden panel doors, depending on the style and budget you want. In addition, finished wooden doors can have colors that remain natural or colored or colored with different colors.

Speaking of the colors of kitchen cabinet doors, there are several important tools to practice before choosing the right color. Always remember to choose lighter tones for your cabinet door because the resolution process will cause the color tones to be darker than the original colors. To complement your kitchen space, a small kitchen must match a lighter color because it can make your kitchen look wider. Color choices can be from pale yellow to pale brown. Examples include maple, ash, birch, oak or pine colors.

If you apply a contemporary or antique style in your kitchen then your wooden door can be painted using medium wood colors that show some pink, light brown or brown casts. Cherry and beech must be very good for creating the appropriate color tones. If you prefer darker colors then you can choose to choose dark wood colors such as mahogany, butternut, rosewood or walnut.